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With a digital signage system, users can easily combine text, graphics, flash animations, movies and sound to create exciting, informative, custom content. The sophisticated visual WYSIWYG editor allows the content to be previewed exactly as it will be seen on the sign before "going live." Scenes can be scheduled up to a week in advance and edited quickly and easily to keep content current.

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital signage is a powerful communication tool that incorporates graphics, motion and sound into dynamic, effective displays. This affordable system offers a full range of applications for a variety of industries and settings. By strategically positioning the large flat screen monitors in lobbies, waiting rooms, office and work areas, even as part of trade show exhibits, important information and advertising can be displayed in a way that is sure to attract attention.

• Welcome VIPs and groups

• Display schedules for conferences and meeting spaces

• Promote special events and activities

• Promote onsite dining with daily specials and current menus

• Use scheduling capabilities to update information throughout
the day

• Update on-the-fly to keep message current

The system offers a full range of networking options suitable for any environment. It will work with or without network or internet connection and does not require a host server. Although the system is accessed via a web browser, subscription to a website is not required to update content. The web server exists on the digital signage unit and can be accessed via a network, from anywhere on the internet or limited to a single unit.

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