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EscapeWire Solutions is a one stop shop for IP telephone systems for the guestrooms and back-office.

Reduce upfront and ongoing costs by 25%

IP PBX Phone Systems for Hotels

Complete Voice Solutions for Guestrooms
EscapeWire Solutions has partnered with provider Defero3 to install their hosted IP PBX solution for hotels. EWS & Defero3 employ the latest technology and methods to deliver IP-based telephony to our shared clients, thereby ensuring significant reductions in upfront equipment costs and ongoing monthly service/usage fees. In addition to providing the state of the art Defero3 technology, EscapeWire offers technical assistance at every step along the way assuring that your system will work from the start and provide reliable service for years to come. EWS certified network engineers allow you to get the most out of your system investment and ensure that you will have the best telephone switch available.

•  100% Hosted Solution - no telephone switch onsite
•  No ongoing maintenance contract required
•  Minimal upfront cost- save 25%
•  Lower your monthly cost
•  Interfaces with your PMS
•  Free unlimited long distance in North America
•  Approved for use by major brands
•  Voicemail and Call Accounting

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